Wednesday, June 7


Hello, how you all doing? 

Lately I have had lots of different changes in my life. I somehow knew that year 2017 is going to be awesome and might even be little bit stressful. 

It's been 6 months, what has happened? 

My 2017 started with family vacation to Egypt and while being on the holiday I got news that I am able to go to Spain to do my last internship and that was only 1 month after Egypt holiday. Holiday after holiday, who doesn't want it? 

I booked my tickets and off I went on 6th of February if I remember correctly. 

I never knew that this little 6 week trip is going to change my life for the next year or two. Aka I left Spain in March with a knowledge that I will be back there in few months aka MY new HOME is going to be in Spain. 

*( next little trip after Spain was Gdansk, Poland what I really enjoyed and I couldn't ever imagine that I'd like to go back there! It was so lovely and beautiful and cheap!)


Just few days ago I booked my flight to Malaga so today it is 34 days until I take off.

Does this idea scare me? Of course it does. I have had the thought about leaving this idea behind and living here and getting a job here so many times. It is all about leaving my comfort zone and although I have done it quite a few times, I still have the thought of quitting. I probably won't. 
I have a job waiting for me in Fuengirola, which is on south coast, and lovely people who I can't wait to see again! 
Hopefully I am also able to get out of Spain and have a little weekend trips to Italy or Portugal or Greece, or maybe see even Thailand or Mexico!! Sounds lovely, doesn't it? 

ALSO I graduated from school! Finally! I couldn't wait and now it's done and I am quite proud of myself. 

Lets see what the next 6 months bring me! Stay tuned!

Keiti xx

Monday, February 20



I am in Spain.

Why? Why not!
How long? Not long enough!

This place is absolutely amazing! People are kind, I adore walks on the beach, sun is sunny and wind is windy and I am loving my job here!

I kind of don't know where to start my story about my life in Spain so You could just hit me up with questions!

Little piece of Fuengirola for you!

And a tiny piece of Malaga for You! 

(a little piece of Picasso museum for you. A friend of mine took it secretly although he wasn't allowed. But hey, I went to Picasso museum!) 

Thursday, January 26

My Egypt was...

Hey there! How you all doing? 

My Egypt was amazing! Although what kind of place wouldn't be amazing that has lots of sun, good food, good drinks, amazing people, great atmosphere! I don't tan so easily so I didn't really have a problem with burning! 

The flight took off in the early morning so we spent the night at the airport. Fun fun!! 

Our hotel was called Ali Baba Palace Resort and it served us well! It was beautiful, had really nice rooms and was close to the sea. 

We got some great food and enjoyed ourselves inside or outside of the hotel. 

Also I met some super-awesome people from Germany and had quite a few nights with them until 5 in the morning! Had lots of fun! 

Lovely Jessy 

We had a day off in Cairo! I never thought I would get there and it was my dream! 

Loved the time in Hurghada! See you again soon!